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Time and again, it is the simpliest intentions that produce the most spectacular results. Modest beginnings are common even among the strongest institutions and grandest traditions. Historically, Coosa Country Club is no different --- a striking establishment rooted in simplicity. Over the course of a century, the Club has developed into a beloved and invaluable asset to the Rome community. Today, Coosa Country Club stands as a remarkable testament that began out of a desire for camaraderie and entertainment. The Club continues to provide members with a beautiful setting for recreation, socializing, dining and simply relaxing with friends and family. Just as the Coosa River quietly winds itself around the Club's golf course, its members return day after day, season after season, to unwind from busy days to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of these grounds as they continue to create memories for a lifetime.

Coosa Country Club
110 Branham Avenue       Phone : 706-234-7131

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