History & Tradition

Historic picture of Coosa Country ClubhouseCoosa Country Club was organized on a temporary basis in August, 1909, with Robert W. Graves, President; J.P. Cooper, Vice President; George Watts, Secretary; and H.E. Kelley, Treasurer. Membership was limited to 100, with initiation fee of $75.00.

Several sites were considered for the erection of a Clubhouse and Golf Course with everyone agreeing that it should be in easy access to a streetcar line. Ten acres of the Nixon property in the bend of the Coosa River were offered for $4,000, with golfing privileges on additional land free of rent for ten years. There was already a makeshift golf course on the property. After considering several sites, the Club members finally decided on this location, and a contract for the building was awarded in November, 1909.

The frame structure, on the site of the old Nixon home, was completed by March, 1910, at a cost of $5277. It included a social hall and dining room with a large fireplace upstairs, a kitchen, locker rooms, and billiard room on the ground floor. A veranda encircling the upper floor, was unique in that one side of it was built around an immense tree.

A wharf and tennis courts were added to the grounds.

A footpath was made down the river bank direct from the South Broad bridge - only a 12 minute walk. Driveways had not yet been made, but the clubhouse could be approached without difficulty in carriage or automobile. Some members objected to the wire fence around the building. It was not beautiful, but it kept the cows out.

The Club was formally opened with two brilliant receptions and a ball the afternoon and evening of March 29, 1910. The stockholders met two days later to make the temporary organization permanent.

A swimming pool and bath house were the next additions to the grounds, and later the golf course was increased from nine holes to eighteen.

The old clubhouse went through several periods of remodeling that included having  the ballroom  enlarged, the old fireplace removed, and a portion of the veranda done away with to accommodate the addition of a ladies lounge, kitchen and offices.

After World War II, the Club membership increased steadily, and its facilities were taxed to the limit. It was realized that a more spacious and attractive clubhouse was needed. A new, modern building was put under construction in the summer of 1958. Completed by the end of June, 1959, open house was held on July 5. The old clubhouse was then razed. At the same time, a bathhouse added to the outdoor snack bar opened for use.
The formal opening of the new clubhouse took place with a buffet supper and ball on August 15, 1959.

A disastrous fire on December 29, 1959, destroyed approximately 60 percent of the $250,000 building. The loss, amounting to some $175,000, was covered by insurance, and reconstruction was begun at once, with only minor changes from the original plan. Reconstruction was completed in July, 1960.

Currently Coosa has grown to include a beautiful eighteen-hole championship golf course, 11 tennis courts with both clay and hard court surfaces, an Olympic size swimming complex, and a Fitness Center. Our sports program boasts successful Youth and Adult Golf as well as Tennis Programs.  The Club completed a $7.5 million renovation project in 1999, replacing the "old schoolhouse" building with one to fit in our southern surroundings. The clubhouse is now 50,000 square feet.   2009 was a year of jubilation and unique festivities as the members celebrated the Club’s Centennial anniversary, which culminated with a Gala of All Galas on March 27, 2010!